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Chipotle's Chip-tastic Twitter Campaign: Why the Bird Is Still the Word


  • Chipotle's Twitter giveaway smashed records and ignited massive engagement.

  • Collaborations with GrubHub and top influencer Alix Earle added zest to the campaign.

  • Simplicity proved to be the secret ingredient for success.

  • Twitter's real-time engagement and quick responses sealed the deal.

  • Brands should remember that Twitter is still a worthy platform for connecting with customers.

When it comes to National Burrito Day, Chipotle knows how to roll. While other brands dive into Metaverses and cryptocurrencies, this year, Chipotle took a "back to basics" approach and focused on good old Twitter for a giveaway that broke records and left us craving more.

Record-breaking Results:

Chipotle's recent Twitter giveaway was a fiesta for the books. They unleashed text-to-win codes, offering 10,000 free burritos, with an extra 500 codes thrown in as a spicy surprise. The response was mouthwatering—Chipotle's second-largest digital sales day ever and the biggest one-day social media volume for any of their campaigns. Who knew people loved burritos that much?

Since Chipotle knows that collaborations can add extra zest to their campaigns. To crank up the flavor, they teamed up with GrubHub and enlisted the help of top influencer Alix Earle, who spread the word on TikTok. The result? All 20,000 free burritos were gobbled up on the delivery app within a mere 12 hours.

While Chipotle has dabbled in flashy marketing trends before, this time they embraced simplicity. Who needs all the bells and whistles when you can get right to the point? By listening to their fans and delivering what they craved, Chipotle cooked up a promotion that was easy to understand, share, and chat about over a heaping plate of guacamole.

Twitter's Role in the Strategy:

Twitter, with all its quirks and ongoing issues, still proved to be a valuable ingredient in Chipotle's recipe for success. Real-time engagement and quick responses to customer inquiries made Twitter the perfect platform for their text code drops. The lesson? Don't count out the little bird just yet.

Chipotle's spicy campaign for National Burrito Day is a flavorful reminder that Twitter is a social media platform worth keeping on your menu. By focusing on simplicity, listening to their customers, and serving up real-time engagement, Chipotle broke records and left a lasting impression. Brands, take note: Twitter's still got some fire left in it.


  • Supercharge your super fans by giving them something to talk about and share.

  • Don't be afraid to keep it simple—the best campaigns are easy to understand and share.

  • Collaboration can add that extra kick to your marketing efforts.

  • Twitter's real-time engagement capabilities make it ideal for quick and impactful campaigns.

  • Listening to your customers and engaging meaningfully with them is the recipe for success.

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