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FREE TACO TUESDAY: Taco Bell leads the liberation

Taco Tuesday, that delightful phrase that warms the hearts and stomachs of taco enthusiasts across the globe. But lo and behold, beneath its innocent exterior lies a sinister secret: it has been shackled by the iron grip of trademark ownership since 1989. Yes, my dear readers, Taco Tuesday is held captive by the merciless claws of legal restrictions. But fear not, for Taco Bell, the bold crusader of the fast-food realm, has emerged from the depths of the underworld armed with legal petitions, ready to liberate Taco Tuesday and bestow taco-filled happiness upon all who seek it.

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the taco-loving world, Taco Bell has filed legal petitions to cancel the federal trademark registrations for Taco Tuesday through the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Their argument? Taco Tuesday, the legendary phrase that unites taco enthusiasts far and wide, should not be held hostage by ownership claims. And really, who could possibly disagree? Who in their right mind would dare to lay exclusive claim to the words that unite us, that make our taste buds dance with the promise of gooey cheese, succulent meat, and zesty salsa?

Taco Bell's argument is simple, yet undeniably compelling. They assert that Taco Tuesday transcends the mere act of consuming tacos; it becomes a force that erases boundaries and brings people from all walks of life together at the sacred table of taco ecstasy. It's a cultural phenomenon that demands to be celebrated without restrictions, much like a fiery salsa that refuses to be contained. How can we truly "Live Más" if we are forbidden from freely uttering the sacred words, "Taco Tuesday"? It's sheer madness, my fellow taco enthusiasts.

Let's make one thing abundantly clear: Taco Bell is not seeking to exploit Taco Tuesday for personal gain or control its destiny. No, no, no. Taco Bell fights for something nobler—a concept so elusive, so daring, it's called "common sense." They champion the usage of a term that is, well, common. They advocate for the right of every taco-loving soul, whether man, woman, or taco aficionado, to partake in the sacred tradition of Taco Tuesday. And let us not forget their audacious expansion of the taco-induced euphoria to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays because, why limit ourselves to a single day of gastronomic revelry?

To gather support for their valiant cause, Taco Bell has set up a petition on They call upon the taco-loving masses, from the humble taco carts of Mexico to the lofty peaks of taco enlightenment, to join the movement and affix their digital signatures to the "Freeing Taco Tuesday" petition. And if you have burning questions, confessions, or a burning desire to discuss all things taco-related, fret not! Taco Bell shall host a Reddit AMA on May 22nd, where you can plunge into the depths of this epic campaign and feast upon the wisdom that shall be bestowed upon you.

Tips to Implement

Take a page from Taco Bell's playbook and transcend the realm of self-interest. Fight for a cause that sets your audience's hearts ablaze, a cause that resonates deep within their taco-loving souls. For Taco Bell is not merely peddling tacos; they are igniting a movement that transcends mere business transactions, uniting taco enthusiasts beneath a glorious banner of freedom.

By aligning your brand with a higher purpose, you tap into the collective passion of your customers, creating bonds that stretch far beyond the realm of mere commerce.


  • Think beyond your own self-interest: Taco Bell's campaign to liberate the Taco Tuesday trademark shows the power of fighting for a cause that resonates with your audience. Look for opportunities to align your brand with a larger purpose and tap into the collective passion of your customers.

  • Embrace a bit of audacity: Taco Bell's bold move to challenge the trademark restrictions surrounding Taco Tuesday demonstrates the value of thinking outside the box and taking risks. Don't be afraid to shake things up and challenge the status quo in your industry.

  • Engage and involve your audience: Taco Bell actively rallied support for their cause by setting up a petition and hosting a Reddit AMA. Engage with your audience, invite their participation, and create a sense of community around your brand.

  • Stay true to your brand personality: The witty and sarcastic tone of this blog reflects Taco Bell's brand personality and experience. Find a voice that aligns with your brand values and use it consistently across your communications to create a distinctive and memorable brand identity.

  • Keep an eye on the bigger picture: While Taco Bell is known for selling tacos, their campaign for Taco Tuesday goes beyond mere business transactions. Look for ways to make a positive impact and contribute to a larger conversation or movement, enhancing your brand's reputation and connection with customers.

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